Saturday, November 13, 2010


Friday was a great day!  We had Veteran's Day off, so we decided to take Friday off to have a nice long weekend.  Friday was our Pre-Anniversary Date Day!  Since we went to wine country for our honeymoon, we thought we'd celebrate by heading out to Tarara for a day of tasting, eating and drinking.  It was wonderful!  On our way there, we stopped at Wegmans and bought some bread and brie along with a wonderful roast beef and roasted red pepper sandwich that we split for lunch. 

We did the regular tasting and met some really nice people as we sipped on some fabulous wines.  The very young guy who was our tasting guide was pouring very well.  The tastings turned into probably a whole bottle between the two of us when all was said and done.  Delicious! 


We bought a bottle of their Charval and headed out on the patio for lunch.

The brie and bread was fantastic and the sandwich was beyond delicious.  We enjoyed every bite!

 One of the couples we met inside during the tasting heard us talking to another woman about Wintergreen, so they came over to talk to us about it.  They had a place in the Highlands up on the mountain for about 9 years.  We got to talking to them outside and ended up staying there for about 2 hours longer than we had originally planned.  It was a great day with great conversation and awesome wine and food.  A great way to start out anniversary celebration! 

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