Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Wintertime Blues.....

I love the Winter, but only because I love the way it LOOKS when it snows. NOT the way it FEELS. I hate being cold, and I refuse to drive in the snow and ice. A lot of people ask "well, why do you live her then??" I simply reply, "because this is my home".

Well, I suppose that's crazy, but I do love Virginia. I love the mountains, I love the valleys, I love the rivers and lakes, and I LOVE the Virginia Autumns. I can't wait until the leaves start to change and I get to wear sweaters and jeans! Don't get me wrong, I do enjoy Summertime, but not the intense heat the Virginia Summers can bring. Can't it just be 75 and sunny ALL the time??

Anyway, I was just thinking about these facts as I sit in my office and look out at the nasty-cold-wet-rain/snow we are getting right now. Yuck! Just get warmer darnit!

Ok, enough about that! Have a great day!

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