Monday, August 11, 2008


It's been forever since I've posted a blog. I'm trying to think of creative things to write about, but I can never figure out what to say! So, I think I will just try to write about whatever from now on. My blog may look like a Seinfeld episode, in that it is a blog about, well, nothing! But, it's a blog post none the less.

I suppose I will take this opportunity to write about a special event taking place in October.

A lot of you may remember when my friend Sarah and I walked in the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer 3 Day four years ago.

It's hard to believe it was that long ago. Anyway, the walk is back in DC this year so we decided to participate, this time as crew members. Sarah and her husband Greg and Lee and I will be on a team (Team Newlyweds - cute huh?) and will be at one of the Pit Stops on the event route. We will help motiviate the walkers, give them food and water, and just be there to help cheer them up on the long 20 mile a day walks. I am really looking forward to this event because it was truly incredible when we partipated in August, 2004. I'm excited to share the experience with Lee as well.

Let's see, what else have I not blogged about.......

Oh, I made a cheesecake!! Yes, I know, I don't cook or bake too often even though I LOVE to do it! Here was the final result....yummy huh?

Oh yeah, in other news, Lee's son Andrew moved in with us last weekend. I'm pretty sure you all knew this was going on, but I wanted to write about it! Andrew will be going into middle school this fall and is a very bright kid. I'm nervous because I won't have answers to any of his homework! HA! I'm excited to be a part of him growing up and I am really looking forward to the school functions we will get to be a part of. I can't wait for back to school night and things of that nature. I know that's strange, but I really am looking forward to it! Andrew and I spent the day building his dresser and putting some of his things away in his room. That was fun! I love building things and it was nice to have a little helper! He loved doing the hammering, that's for sure! Friday, Lee took Andrew downtown to the International Spy Museum where they both assumed new identities. Pretty neat I think! They went around DC taking pictures and really just enjoying the day. Oh, this was all while I was at work! BLAH! Anyway, here are some photos from the day.

Saturday, we celebrated my brother's 33rd birthday. We enjoyed a fabulous beef tenderloin (DELICIOUS) with some wonderful corn on the cob, salad and veggies! We finished up the evening with gift opening and my brother's favorite cake:
Sherbet Angel Food Cake


Maureen Gribble said...

Nice work! It is great to have Andrew back in VA. We'll look forward to seeing him around more often.

Leahbear said...

That totally could have been 4 separate blog posts!!

a) that cheesecake looks sooooooooo good.

b) it's totally not strange that you're looking forward to back to school night! you get to be the grownup this time around, and you don't have to suffer through math classes anymore.

c) I know that Andrew's life will be happy, safe, and blessed with you and Lee taking care of him.

RipleyVT said...

Thanks Leah! It is a totally different atmosphere knowing he is here to stay and not just visiting. I'm still getting used to the concept, but so far, so good! He really is a great kid, so we have that going for us!!