Thursday, July 10, 2008

Just trying to understand......

Yesterday, a father left his 21 month old son in a car to die. This couple spent a long time trying to adopt little Chase and now he's gone.

There are many things I have forgotten in my lifetime.

I have:
1) forgotten to turn the curling iron off
2) forgotten to bring my computer to work
3) forgotten to buy milk at the store
4) forgotten to call my father on his birthday
5) forgotten how to do algebra
6) forgotten many things........

But, I cannot and will not EVER understand how ANYBODY can "forget" that their child is in the car and leave them there to die. I can't think of any excuse for this horrible tragedy. This isn't the first time this has happened either. People need to take a deep breath and slow their lives down just a bit. People say "stop and smell the roses", I say "stop and remember your kid is in the back seat". Get it together people!

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Leahbear said...

I know, it's so sad! I heard that when they told the father what he'd done, he was so upset that he needed medical attention.

I forget a lot of things too. Like why I just walked into a room, and what I was about to say, and don't even get me started on algebra... I hope and pray that my memory never fails me to that extent!! I imagine, if I ever have kids, I'll be so enamored that I'll never be able to take my eyes off them anyway... I hope!