Wednesday, May 18, 2005

There's a first time for everything.....

So, I have been reading a ton of blogs lately, and I was encouraged to start one of my own. I honestly couldn't think of another way to waste more time at work, so when this was suggested, I thought, GREAT!! I'm typing, so people will THINK that I'm working. It's genius!!!

Well, I haven't thought of what I'm actually going to write about yet, so I guess I'll get ideas as I go along.

Let's see....past and upcoming events, that's fun to write about!!! Two weekends ago started off our insane month of functions. May 7th was the Wintergreen Assent , check the third photo down. Lee did this race last year and did it again this year 5 minutes faster!! What a great job!!! I personally think he's crazy, but then again, it's an awesome accomplishment. Next was the 12 Hours of Lodi Farms in Fredericksburg, VA. For those who do not know what this is, it is a 12 hour mountain bike (off road) race that starts at midnight and ends at noon. The objective is to ride as many laps (8.5 miles each) as you can in that 12 hour period. As long as the last lap starts before noon, it counts!! There are solo riders, duo teams, and trio teams. Lee was on a trio team. This year he rode with Joe Foley , and Matt Donahue. They named their team Single or Geared? Again, for those of you who don't know much about biking, they are making reference to which bike they will ride, either a single speed (only one gear) or a geared bike. See how much you can learn when your boyfriend gets involved in cycling?? I'm so bike savvy!! Anyhoo....I digress.......The guys started off strong with Matt in the lead and Joe taking the second lap, then Lee pulled up the rear. Unfortunately for him, his light went out halfway through his lap so he had to follow some other folks pretty closely to make his way out of the woods. Well, it's Matt's turn again.....well, he hit a tree with his face....not pretty. After moving a bunch of stuff around the campsite, Joe managed to get his truck out so he could take Matt to the hospital for some stitches. It definitely put a damper on things because you never want to see somebody get hurt. Lee and Joe ended up doing one more lap each after Matt got stitched up in the ER. Another guy named Phil did 2 laps just for the heck of it to bring their total up to 8. All in all, aside from the facial injury, the team was a good fit and worked very well together. Oh, and I made pancakes and bacon for the guys.....apparently I am pretty well liked by those guys after those scrumptious flapjacks!!! Oh, and speaking of pancakes...... It will just make you laugh....for sure!!!

Ok, so on to the next grandfather, Dr. Ripley, will be 90 on Friday. Go G-Daddy!!! Lee and I will be traveling to Roanoke on Saturday to celebrate with the family at a restaurant called The Library. I hear it's a pretty nice place. It's granddad's favorite place to eat, so it must be pretty tasty!! We're all looking forward to spending his 90th birthday with him. What a great man!!!

Next on the agenda is a family journey down to Selma, NC to attend a party for Staci, Lee's niece. She is graduating from high school so the whole family is heading down to go to the party!!

Let's see, what's next.....Oh, our good friends Rob and Alecia are getting married on June 4th, so we'll be heading to Herrington Harbour in Friendship, MD for the night-before-party and the wedding itself.

The next weekend I will be finishing up my last finals for my Bachelor's of Business Administration degree!!!

The next weekend I will be GRADUATING!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!! I know, I's about time!!

That just about sums up the crazy months of May and June!!! Stay tuned for more hectic schedules to come....... As for now, I've wasted enough time today at work, so I will just post this thing up!!!!

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